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Health Note:    Should you take nutritional supplements to prevent eye problems?  Read Dr. Haegele's advice about nutritional supplements.

Should you take nutritional supplements to prevent eye problems?

You may have seen "AREDS" written on a bottle of nutritional supplements.  It stands for Age Related Eye Disease Study.  There was the original AREDS study, and then the AREDS 2 study published results in 2013.

Neither study was designed to show what a healthy eye could use to protect itself from macular degeneration and/or cataract.

However, both studies used nutrients that come from a healthy diet, especially leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach.  Current thinking is that healthy lifestyles benefits the whole body and the eyes.

  • not smoking
  • weight control
  • control of chronic disease (ex. blood sugar, blood pressure)
  • regular exercise
  • heathly diet
  • balancing rest and work place fatigue - especially computer users
  • regular doctor checkups

Nutritional supplements, such as those containing the AREDS formula, are currently used to treat macular degeneration, especially the progression of the degeneration.  Nutrients may affect more than one part of your body, so you should consult with your various doctors before starting any regimen.

Here is the bottom line -- My personal bias is that eating good food is more beneficial than taking specific nutrients in a pill.


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